La Bronca saves Aleska – Telemundo 52

Sunday March 31st is Controversy and Salvation Sunday at La Casa de los Famosos 4. This is after La Bronca stole the power of salvation from Maribili.

La Bronca gave his reasons for saving another participant and not himself. Her mental health is also one of the reasons she wants to leave the reality show. And he said that when he had to save someone, he had to do it for someone in his room, so he saved Alyska from Aqua.

Meanwhile, the positioning was full of bitter conflicts, most of them between Christina and the three citizens who positioned themselves behind her, Clovis against Paolo and Ariadne against Maribili.

Candidates at risk of elimination this Monday, save for Alyeska:

  • Clovis, Christina, Bronca and Ariadna

On Friday, the Mexican snatched the right to salvation from Maribili, the leader of the week.

How to vote to stop your favorite celebrity from leaving?

Press Here Save your favorites. After the show's nominees are announced, fans can vote until 1 midnight every Thursday. Fridays, 7pm to 1am. Gala on Sundays from early to 1 am.

On Mondays, the day of elimination, there is a voting window during the live show.

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