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Prior to a political campaign by the Venezuelan government seeking to consolidate its power in the local sector, the president Nicolas Maduro It may seem friendly in principle, but he blinked in Colombia that the government and national merchants did not want to believe in it.

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The decision to remove some of the containers blocking the path of the bridges connecting the first Norde de Santander with the Tachira was understood as a gesture of rule. However, the President Evan Duke He made it clear that he did not believe much of Maduro’s attitudes.

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“I also want to make it clear that we as Colombians will not give ourselves up as useful idiots of possible electoral pretensions to the dictatorship in the face of the local elections they want to advance in Venezuela,” Duke said. To open the pass.

And Maduro’s response called on Colombian businessmen to “resume” investments in the country, which have been stalled for years not only by the closure of the border but also by late payments.

“Come, Colombians, come to me, come to us with your investments, come with your investments, here is Mexico, manufacturing, work; here is investing in Brazil,” Maduro said in a speech broadcast on the official television of the neighboring country.

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Duke’s response to Maduro’s calls

Maduro’s call was made when the government called regional elections for mayors and governors, and in the process Chavismo wants to have practically everything. These were controversial elections in which clearly divided opposition parties decided to take part.

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“Be very careful in the talks that come with the siren songs from Venezuela’s dictatorship. Now they are going to attract investors to come to that land and talk beautifully. The dictator does not want to ruin history,” was the response from Duke Kokuda to Maduro’s call.

Precisely, the call comes after a six-year interruption of more than 2,000 kilometers of vast land border shared by the two countries, and reached $ 11,000 million a year, according to figures provided by Maduro.

Evan Duke and Nicolas Maduro

President Evan Duke and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.


EFE Archive – Archive / REUTERS

Experts agree on the economic restructuring of the border

According to Mauricio Jaramillo, a professor at the Universidad del Rosario, this is “normal” because Venezuela’s remittances from abroad have increased and its oil production has improved.

“I think this is normal and consistent. All Colombia has to do is have a relationship with Venezuela and open some diplomatic channels because an intervention is necessary,” Jaramillo said.

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I think this is normal and consistent.

But Giro Libreros, a professor at the University of Externado, says the search for “dictator Maduro” sends a message that the relationship with this revelation is normalized, which is why businesses are invited to invest.

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“He’s provoking Hornet’s coalition, he’s interested in creating debate and wears the image of President Duke as the leader of the diplomatic siege, and he’s making noise because he thinks of his November election, but in Colombia, wearing the center of democracy, about next year’s presidential election,” he said.

To former Councilor Juan Carlos Flores, The Border opening with Venezuela It depends on the needs of the border people, “Between Maduro and the Duke, by the Tongo that attacked Borontongo, it brought nothing good.”

Ronald Rodriguez, from the Venezuelan laboratory at the Universidad del Rosario, described the two presidents as “guests of the stone” as people across the border joined hands with their officials and unions. , That conversation and those agreements have been affected because they are “woven”.

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According to him, it is important to see the possibility of resuming the business relationship. “Colombian exporters have no faith in the regime, but Venezuelan businessmen have confidence,” he said.

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