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The Columbia examDominating the first 45 minutes, it gave
Mexico A second-half dance that saw them lose 3-2 in a friendly at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Luis Sinistera, twice, and Wilmar Barrios, substituted for the Colombians, after Mexico showed their best football of the past year, confirmed by goals from Alexis Vega and Gerardo Arteaga.

In the end, Colombia celebrated in front of over 60,000 fans at Levi’s StadiumIn a match where the Mexican team will say goodbye to their fans before starting the final part of their preparations for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Although the players have already turned sides and are with their clubs, it became known on social networks An unusual refereeing error, according to some fans, prompts the idea of ​​a replay.

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Big mistake


Theron W. Henderson. Getty Images/AFP

According to a series of videos that have gone viral on social media, American referee Nima Sakhafi may have committed a procedural error. Allowing Colombia to serve as a team in both regions.

The truth, extraordinary, unleashed a whole wave of reactions.

Among them, a group of fans who listen to the game again, are obviously interested FIFA points awarded through friendlies.

Can the game be replayed?

Columbia exam

Colombia national team in a match against Mexico.

However unusual the alleged failure, The match will not be repeated.

Although the dedicated referee overlooked the eight rules governing each team’s one-time kick-off, the manual did not contemplate rescheduling the game.

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“Referee decisions on facts and actions during the match, including a goal or the end of the matchThey are irreversible. The decisions of the arbitrator and other members of the arbitral tribunal shall at all times be respected,” the set of rules reads.

Former referee Elmer Bonilla also noted before this sparked controversy:

“So a game about a disallowed goal, or any goal, is not replayed for the reason that it is replayed… Fundamental error? Of course…”.

Some internet users argue that the 2005 match between Uzbekistan and Bahrain is valid for the 2006 World Cup qualifiers.

At the time, FIFA decided to replay the match due to a transcendental error by the refereewho disallowed the penalty.

Since then, no such case has been found.

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