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It marked a milestone on Colombian television in 1994, when Telemundo created a new version among its protagonists many years later, when it captured the natives and other parts of Latin America: , “There is no heaven without breasts” and “My heart emphasizes Lola Volcano” are internationally known products.

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As is common sense a Enemy character The one who is always there, either by fighting or confronting the protagonists, by doing all sorts of things that are harmful to those whom he considers his enemies.

As it is Villalophos Who is playing Lucia SanglementTo this day, instead of dedicating himself to committing negative acts, he has drawn attention to the fact that an emotional person is an adversary who is deep, fearful, and frustrated.

Precisely, it was the actress who gave some details about her character in an interview several months ago Spanish people.

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He held it Lucia Sanglement She is a majestic, elegant, determined woman who is confident about herself and in some cases she can be.Sweet, patient and sensitive”, At another time she may become manipulative, intelligent and hysterical.

He faces frustration, fear, and loneliness over and over again, and is afraid of being abandoned. That’s why he’s going to fight for Sebastian, because he’s the love of his life and the right person to have the family he has always dreamed of. “The actress commented.

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Yes OK Carmen Villalobos Plays the role of well Lucia Sanglement, The followers and critics of this new product did not notice some of the details of his role as the villain in the first eight episodes of Delanovela.

This happens despite the actress announcing that Lucia will not be the usual adversary she sees on screen. Criticism of her even came through her Instagram He has 17 million followers there.

“She’s a good actress, but there may be only a few more episodes, but that hatred has not yet reached me. I have not yet felt that bad connection, the poison that a villain expresses.”One user commented.

With this in mind, the actress did not take much time to respond, arguing that she said in an interview several months ago that Lucia Sanklement was not a bad woman.

“She is OK. I always told them. She is a woman who struggles to think that she is. He gets things that many people carry inside: jealousy, selfishness, manipulation. “, Under control.

But for other users of social networks, this may have affected Soap Opera’s rating in Colombia because the plot – until now – was different from the original. This production was highly anticipated as it was the new version of the 1994 classic.

The new version of the memorable Colombian production, Delanovela, airs at Telemundo at 10:00 pm, and promises to be one of the most acclaimed by audiences with Carmen Villalobos, William Levy and participation. Laura Landono.

Number of actors in the new version

These are the actors from the 1994 version against those who took on their roles in this remake.

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Margarita Rosa di Francisco and Guy Acre / Laura Landono and William Levy (Caviota and Sebastian)

  • Alejandra Porero / Carmen Villalobos (Lucia Sandoval)
  • Constantza Duke / Katherine Welles (Carmenza Suarez)
  • Cristobal Errasuris / Diego Gadavit (Ivan Vallejo)
  • Sylvia de Dios / Mabel Moreno (Lucrecia Rivas de Valejo)

In one of Delanovela’s most recent episodes, Captain Jaime Contreras can be seen coming to the Vallejo family farm because he asks them to tell him that a man who knew what happened when he tried to kidnap Octavio was arrested. .

Therefore, Contreras comments that Wilson Prisso promised that he was part of a false event, and that the report warned Julia (Lucas Velasquez) and Bernardo that they could not believe the version they were asking for.

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