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She is one of the most successful Colombian actresses in recent years. Barranquilla rose to fame in 2008 when Catalina Santana starred in Delanovela in “No Heaven Without Breasts”, a role she played for ten years until the airing of “El Final del Barroso”. His most recent project is “Cab கா con Aroma de Cab”, a Delanovela in which he first plays an adversary with the character of Lucia San Clemente.

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He has had a successful art career on his back and has received numerous awards and nominations for his outstanding work in front of cameras. Undoubtedly, Carmen Villalobos is a great success and enjoys the affection of his followers who always support him in every project.

However, the actress is not new to criticism and questioning. Recently, a user of social networks commented He told her she was already very old. With this in mind, Barranquilla was not quiet and responded truthfully to his style. What did the actress say? Details here.

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Carmen Villalobos: Active response when they call it “old”

She is very active on her social networks, where she usually shares her work plans, erotic photos and funny moments with her family or with her husband Sebastian Gaiseto.

The actress, who plays Lucia San Clemente in the RCN novel, shared a post on her Instagram account that caught the attention of users and generated all sorts of comments, some good and others not so much.

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In the post, Carmen Villalobos shows her followers how to prepare her vegetarian protein in the morning, which gives her vitality and helps her stay healthy when she can’t eat one of her three main meals.

For this artist, one of the most famous Colombian celebrities on social networks, he or his other followers received a comment that went unnoticed: “Aha, you’m already old,” a user wrote on Instagram.

Faced with this comment Barranquilla came forward and had no problem responding respectfully to the user: “Do you think so? Well, we are all getting older. Nothing to do. Warmth, “The actress showed that she took it with humor.

Instagram user comment to Carmen Villalopos. (Photo: Carmen Villalophos / Instagram)

After Carmen Villalobos’ response, many supporters came to her defense, and some fans said she wanted to grow old just like him because she was younger than her real age because she was a beautiful woman.

It should be noted that Carmen Villalobos has said goodbye to his role as Lucia San Clemente from the new edition of Telenovela’s “Caf கா con Aroma de Caf”. After eight months of recordings, the Colombian actress played the adversary in the story.

Now, the future of Carmen Villalobos in terms of acting is uncertain because it is not known about new projects for soap operas or TV productions.

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