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The objection raised by Pachaktuyik was fully accepted to some extent.

Tonight, the National Electoral Council (CNE) accepted a full, 31-minute review of the news ahead of Bachakudik (PK)’s objection appeal to review 27,767 records of the presidential election.

Votes of support were cast by President Diana Atomine, Vice President Enrique Pita, Director Jose Cabrera and Director Luis Verdisoto. Councilor Andres Lyon resigned.

The review is to be carried out in the provinces of Azoua, Caesar, Cotobaxi, Esmeraldas, Quas, Los Rios, Pichincha, Santo Domingo de los Sassilas.

The first part of PK’s objection did not lead to a full comparison of the electorate with the Kites, for which it classified 20,534 entries: 9,411 entries of the President’s bilingual and 11,123 entries of the National Assembly’s Kites and members of the Andean Parliament. This requirement was deemed inadmissible due to non-compliance with legal provisions.

It also demanded that the minutes be checked for the absence of numerous discrepancies and signatures, for which they provided 7,233.

From a review conducted by CNE, 1,453 repeated minutes were repeated, thus reducing this number to 5,780. Of these, there are no discrepancies in 5,409 minutes, i.e. they are valid; 340 minutes already identified with messages by the computer system; Were reconsidered during the general examination of the Provincial Electoral Boards, so no new number is required as the Electoral Judiciary is in practice.

10 minutes with numerical discrepancies and 21 minutes without signatures were identified.

“Therefore, there are 31 laws which, in accordance with the cases provided for in Section 138 of the Democratic Code, the CNE decided to immediately reconsider in the relevant provinces,” CNE explained.

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For his part, tattoo candidate Yahoo Perez spoke through the social networking site Twitter.

“Members #CNE Going down in history is not because of their connection # Democracy But to the powerful economic interests that impose its rules. Of the 20,000 minutes, 31 minutes are calculated, ”Perez said.

Groups of local activists gathered outside the CNE were disbanded by police. (I)

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