Club Desportivo 1D Acosto Honduran announces termination of Brian Moya-Tees deal

Honduran Brian Moya Stop being a football player Angola 10D Acosto Sports Club, The news that the corporation has officially announced.

By official statement, the August 1 He confirmed that they had made the decision to terminate the contract Brian Moya, Who was contracted for two seasons.

Club Angola Explains that they ended the bond with Moya There due to legal issue Julia FC De Venezuela accuses Honduran of still having a deal with them.

The FIFA Has ruled in this matter Sports Club August 1 It was decided that it would be better to suspend Moya’s contract to rectify the situation.

“We reaffirm that the suspension is an initiative of the club to protect its legitimate interests and will not result in breach of contract with the player,” the club’s statement said. Angola.

“The management of August 1 seizes the opportunity to thank Brian Moya for his dedication and wish him maximum success in his career during the time he has represented our club,” they add.

Moya Accumulated with Honduras national team For eliminator duels against Panama and Costa Rica. After this you have to solve your future.

Brian Moya was invited by “Polilo” Gomez for matches against Panama and Costa Rica.

Report by the Angola Group:

Regarding the contract status of footballer Brian Moya, we saw the following clarification from our club’s partners, fans and supporters and the general public:

1. This player was hired in 2020/21, with a commitment valid for two seasons.

2. August 1 complied with all legal terms and conditions required in the framework of international exchange.

3. The player who terminated his contract with his previous club was duly registered with the FAF – Angolan FOOTBALL FEDERATION and the CAF – AFRICAN FOOTBALL Confederation, which continued after receiving their respective international certification.

4. FIFA, the governing body of world football, recently announced on August 1 that the player had signed a contract with Venezuela’s ZULIA FC, before joining our club.

5. According to this announcement, BRYAN MOYA will be banned from playing in all official matches on August 1 until compensation is established established by FIFA.

6. The athlete, with support from August 1, appealed to the CAS – ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL DEL DEPORTO, accusing ZULIA FC of invalidity of this contract, which resulted in suspension. And for the Honduras national team.

7. Faced with the uncertainty of the outcome of this situation, the management decided on August 1 to terminate the contract with the footballer to prevent further damage to the club.

8. The bilateral negotiations came to a successful conclusion and the parties agreed to suspend by August 1 by mutual agreement without future charges.

9. We reaffirm that the conclusion is an initiative of the Club and to protect its legitimate interests and not to breach of contract with the Athlete.

10. The management of August 1 takes the opportunity to thank BRYAN MOYA, who during his time representing our club, wished him maximum success in his life.

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