Classico National Card 1 ons 2021 i Liga MX.

Gonzalo Pineta, Former player Sivas of Guadalajara, He admitted that he wants to run Holy flock At one point, it was after failure 3-0 in the National Classic against the United States Related Guard 1 Match 2021 The previous Sunday Akron Stadium.

To the former Sivas football player, Currently working as a technical assistant Seattle Saunders de la MLS, He revealed in an interview with Ledres del Herbano that he plans to return Guadalajara team, But as a technical director, he realizes that he still does not have time to fulfill his purpose.

“Yeah, of course I like that, this is one of the goals, as well Play in Sivas, Directing attracts my attention, but I also have other goals such as directing Go to Cookers and Europe. All at the right time “, Explained Gonzalo Pineta.

And it “Gonzo” He noted that as a strategist he did not want to “hoard” his process, Because he recognized his love for Sivas, There he won the 2006 Aberdeen title Jose Manuel de la Torre: “Violate, when it touches me, leave a mark. This is a club I love so much. I want to do what I can, I want things to be on the shelves.” He pointed out Gonzalo Pineta, Who played Holy Flock 2006 to 2009.

Pineda praises quality as the coach of Vector Manuel Vusetic

In the continuation of King Midas, Pineta Explained the processes in Mexico They cut a lot, so he thought the strategist’s ability was proven, but you couldn’t create the style of game you wanted from one day to the next.

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“In Mexico it is very common, processes are reduced, five, six, seven days and it is customary for them to ask the head of the coach if things are not going right, I think in other parts of the world it is not like that, the processes are so long, they are given so much time from teams to teams. Teams with the magnificence of Sivas They have less patience because of the demands of the fans. But it should be the opposite, because they have more structure. Vusetich He is a technician of recognized ability, with impeccable track record, and he is a guy who has won practically everything. Mexico It takes him a while to establish the way he watches the game, and that sometimes Mexico Not all clubs give time to those coaches ”, Gonzalo Pineda commented.

Sivas hit hard

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