Transporters asked DT Gianluca Labatula for a report

In recent weeks, the name Gianluca Labatula It is associated with various clubs in Europe and Mexico. With his big Copa America 2021 Peruvian team It sparked the interest of many teams and today there will be a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

However, with the 2021/22 season in mind, there is a team that is seriously examining what they have signed: The Dropsonspor from Turkey.

The latest candidate to strengthen the Turkish Super League team’s lead on the recommendation of managers is ‘Pampino de los Andes’, according to the Sabah Sport portal. In addition, they give details of their recordings with Benevento in the latest Serie A campaign, where they lost that genre.

Now, the latest information coming out of the European country is that TrapsonSpore coach Abdullah Awke has demanded a complete and detailed report from the national striker to find out more about him, based on which everything goes for him to define and not sign.

It must be remembered Gianluca Labatula It currently has a current contract with Benevento until June 30, 2023, so any company wishing to receive its services must first negotiate directly with the Italians.

Labatula is already in Italy

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