‘Clara Xia is pregnant with Gerard Pique’

Famous Cuban Moni Vidente speaks to PEOPLE again after reconfirming her pregnancy. Clara Chia and Gerard Piguet It is a fact.

During a live broadcast of his ‘Ask Him Mahony’ show for ‘Heraldo de Mexico’, the astrologer mentioned the former Barcelona footballer and his new girlfriend. They are expecting a baby.

The reports echoed back in early 2023 after an onlooker commented that Shakira’s ex-partner and Clara Sia. A daughter is about to be born to them, which will change the course of their relationship.

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In fact, he maintained that these two were lovebirds They already planned their wedding And PK’s parents and other relatives of the current relationship already knew.

“The star and the madman’s letter comes out, he is already preparing a wedding with his parents, friends from Barcelona, ​​and he has already marked his distance with Shakira, but not with his children. PK is going to be the father of a girl, the young lady is about a month or so pregnant, ” said the psychic in one of the telecasts of the show.

Endorsing his prediction

Despite the lapse of time in their statements regarding the above information, Mr Python is in her forecast The young lady has not been seen in front of the cameras or given possible signs of pregnancy.

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However, Moni continues to confirm that the girl is expecting and the current physical condition of the creator of the gamer football league ‘King’s League’ could be proof of this.

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“She is pregnant. They don’t want to say, but because the girl is pregnant, Bigway is bitter and very fat. When that happens, the person becomes obese,” he said during the broadcast.

In the same way, he argued that the Spaniard still feels upset by his recent legal relationship with the Colombian for the safety of his children, but he loves him very much.

“I feel that PQ is very hot, But he still loves her, and there is a great feeling, It proves it through something, cases and very bad reports about songs,” Moni said.

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This is what he predicted “Valentine’s Year”, It refers to Camilla Parker’s new possession as Queen of England, as the partner of the new King Carlos III, and Pique’s girlfriend said that he is already living in the singer’s home from Barranquilla.

“Another one who opens a house is Clara Chia, who also powers Shakira’s house. That is why I told them that this is the year of Valentine, Camilla Parker and Clara. “The first, having been a lover for 20 years, became the queen, and the other was already established,” Cuban said on the broadcast.

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