Clara Sia tends to look more and more like Shakira, and it’s for this strange reason

Clara Chia MartyCurrent girlfriend Gerard PQ An incredible reason why she wants to look like Shakira, the Colombian and former partner of the player, every day.

The current couple have become the center of controversy around the world after they decided to start a passionate relationship with the ex-Barcelona footballer’s mother-of-two, while still in the Colombian mansion, amid infidelity. On business trips.

Although they manage to build a good relationship over time, they cannot escape the media pressures that harass them every day or the critical comments they receive through social networks. Catalan clothes and accessories look similar to those used by the singer, apparently trying to look like her.

The model has undergone aesthetic touch-ups and has improved the type of clothing she wears since she became known by digital media. Shakira. And by investigating the causes of the problem, the authorized media drew conclusions about the possible behavior of the students.

«Clara Xia has always been a fan of Shakira and had a huge crush on her since childhood. And it’s clear that the Colombian, the young woman, is an inferior version of her, and that Gerard Piguet has sought someone like her, but second-rate.“Exposed the media the sun.

The world recognition of the singer and the void caused by the separation from Gerard Pique made Clara Xia want to look like him in various aspects.

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