MTV should be in the 21st century

Against the backdrop of a vacuum when it comes to TV stations built exclusively around music videos, Apple has decided to launch Music TV.

MTV had a recipe for success in the 90s, with clips exchanged 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, the TV station began to create its heels, all sorts of series, reality shows or anything else to create chaos. If you ask someone why they pay on MTV, they are unlikely to get a definitive answer.

Borrowed the idea from MTV in the 90s, but adapted it to the 21st century and decided to launch an online service called Apple Music TV. Completely free, the new TV station can be accessed through the Apple Music mobile app, through Apple TV, and last but not least, through an accessible website This address.

Unfortunately, like any other new service provided by Apple, it is only available in the United States. It is not known when it will be accessed in other countries around the world, but it should not take too long.

The new “Post TV” was released yesterday with a rankings inspired by the 100 most played songs of all time on Apple Music, based on the history of American subscribers to the streaming service. In the future, you will find awards for videos, live shows, charts, and more on Apple Music TV, in addition to the videos that are offered 24 hours a day.

In the future, some interesting events are already planned. On Thursday, a kind of virtual party will air for the release of Bruce Springsteen’s new album Letter to You. Apple is set to air parts of Springsteen’s best music videos of his long life. See also Springsteen’s interview with Jane Lowe from Apple Music 1. On Friday, Apple Music TV will screen ET clips: Joji’s “777” and “Gorgeous” Saint JHN.

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