Citizens of Extremadura | Ciudadanos will survive in Extremadura: “Space in the center is still essential”

Ciudadanos will not appear in the general election for either of the two Extremaduran constituencies, but will continue to live. Of course, there will be changes. The exit of the Orange Party from the regional parliament and the seven deputies who won it in 2019, after they failed to obtain representation on May 28, does not end the training in the community. “We will continue to survive because we believe the space in the center is essentialespecially at a time when there will be bipolarity in society that will not produce very good results for anyone. We will continue to fight for central spaceThis is how Fernando Basilga, the leader of the Ciudadanos in the region, settled any hint of doubt about the future of the formation.

After a regional committee celebration yesterday afternoon The party decided that it would restructure itself in Extremadura, as in the rest of the regions, to continue operating but with less infrastructure. They were brought up in the area New change which will be launched from September. We will continue to do this activity Policy natural, but without being represented in important institutions such as the council or provincial councils. Basilja indicated that we will develop a more municipal policy, taking into account councilors and candidates.

Chief Ciudadanos Extremadura raised a possibility Create two groups, one each from the provinces of Extremadura, and close the regional headquarters in Merida. “It makes no sense to keep it if there is no representation in the Autonomous Parliament. The logical thing is that we now have two offices, one in Cáceres and the other in Badajoz, which will be the starting point for expansion and political interest in colleagues who have a consultant record. Madrid’s response is that they will study the matter and in September They will say whether to accept Bazelga’s proposal or not.

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Regarding his future, he has made it public Yesterday he offered his position to the party and in September he will decide whether to continue to lead the formation in society (he was elected in primaries at the beginning of 2023 for a term of four years) or if he will retire from political life. “My colleagues have asked me to continue, but I have to think about it.”

Basilja explained that at no time was consideration given to closing down the party “because the political space of the center still exists.” In his opinion, the poor electoral results of his formation on May 28 are A.S “An exceptional circumstance, we understand it was the advantageous vote. People are tired of Pedro Sanchez This pushed a wave in favor of the PP and Vox parties, which overthrew a regional government with an absolute majority (referring to the Socialist Workers’ Party). In fact, Basilja asserts that with the votes obtained at the national level in the last regional elections, they They will get at least two MEPs in the next European elections which they have not yet decided whether to attend or not.

The idea, however, is to do so “a priori” although Ciudadanos’ presence at the next general election is ruled out. The Secretary General of the organization, Carlos Perez, who was present at the regional committee, explained the reasons yesterday to the militants of Extremadura. “He told us that the decision was taken because electoral recovery is important and it is impossible to recover within a month,” he added.

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