The Legend of Zelda is coming to the movies! We tell you everything you need to know

A successful adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. movie has sparked unprecedented excitement, Now Nintendo and Illumination I’d like to take the thrill further by adapting another famous franchise: Description of Zelda.

It has been revealed that Jeff Schneider, Universal on The Hot Mike Podcast about this Enter into an agreement with both companies T should make filmmaking a realityI Legend of Zelda.

“I was told that Universal is closing a big deal with Nintendo for The Legend of Zelda,” explains the expert.

Nintendo’s next big project

Zelda Looks like the next big franchise from Illumination and Nintendo’s roster is the one we’ve all been waiting for. “I have been assured that it is happening” Snyder says, also pointing out that acquiring the rights to Saga would mean a huge financial outlay. to the company.

Awaiting official confirmation

This time though No official confirmation Or an approximate release date, we’ll have to wait Both Nintendo and Illumination are talking about it. However, given Zelda’s popularity and more than 35 years of heritage, this project is more than doable.

arrival The Legend of Zelda The movies open up a world of possibilities for fans of this iconic video game franchise. Magical realms, epic adventures and unforgettable characters come to life on the big screen, transporting us into a universe full of magic and excitement.

The wait will be worth it!

As negotiations take place and more details emerge, The Zelda fans are eagerly anticipating this new chapter in the history of their beloved video game. LThe combination of his lighting creativity and Nintendo’s vision promises an unforgettable cinematic experience.

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Prepare your armor and sharpen your swords because the legend is about to come alive in cinema.

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