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From January 16 to 21, 2023, the International XI University of Rancagua, UNIR Summer 2023, will be held, an event organized by the Municipality of Rancagua and the Development and Innovation Foundation, co-financed by the Municipality and Regional Government O’Higgins, and sponsored by O’Higgins University and the Chilean Network of Civil Society Organizations for Government open.

UNIR is a school that is open and free to the community, and has several specific goals, among them; Reinvigorating international action, creating meeting spaces among citizens in a post-pandemic phase, spreading the principles of open local government as a new way of governing, all in tandem with the vision of the Rancagua Municipal Corporation President and Mayor, Juan Ramón Godoy, who has considered from the first day of his administration ” Bringing services closer to the community.

More than 25 preachers from various fields of national and international university work will participate in these conferences from countries such as Colombia, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina and Peru, as well as representatives of various ministries and national NGOs and the classes will be held in the dependencies of the House of Culture of Rancagua and O’Higgins University.

A distinctive feature of the Mayor of Rancagua, Juan Ramón Godoy, in his local government program is open education for social sustainability, the delivery of knowledge to the public, through summer universities that involve the creation of alliances between public bodies and academia.

The International University of Rancagua is a space for reflection, dialogue and collaboration between actors and initiatives important to regional development, promoting and expanding citizen participation in a genuine way. It seeks to open and disseminate channels for dialogue, discussion, analysis and knowledge of urgent issues that affect the daily lives of citizens.

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According to the Mayor of Rancagua, Juan Ramón Godoy Muñoz, “The International Summer School aims to be a space for dialogue and collaboration that strengthens our cultural and regional identity for the development of the municipality of Rancagua as well as the region. We seek to promote discussion and analysis of issues affecting the daily life of the citizen and bring knowledge closer to the people,” the mayor emphasized.

For his part, the regional governor, Pablo Silva Amaya, noted that “we hope that the international university will become a space for reflection and cooperation between the actors and the participating institutions, with urgent issues for the development of Rancagua and the entire region. As a regional government, we support this initiative and wish the organizing team every success.”

Among the main topics and classes that will be discussed at UNIR are Open Local Governments as a major theme, Citizen Participation in the framework of Open Government, The Environment, Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development, Open Justice, Rights in the Digital Age, Season School from the University of Chile and O’Higgins University, from among many other topics.

María Paz Estica, responsible for the Open Local Government Office, expressed, “The mayor commissioned us as a municipal office to reinstall the international university in the municipality so that it becomes a space for free and open calls for citizens, to talk about quota issues and to be a space that goes hand in hand with the spirit and principles of open local government On participation, where we can address issues that matter to citizens and that we can solve together in a collaborative way with them.”

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Among the initiatives that will be implemented are workshops targeting public officials, which are places designed to present tools in a practical and experimental way to enhance dialogue and trust, with the theme of “Open Government” where principles such as cooperation, participation, transparency and gender equality will be worked on.

On the other hand, guided workshops will take place throughout the week in the Casa de la Cultura, from Monday to Thursday illustration, origami, vegetable garden and from Tuesday to Friday yoga classes. While workshops will be held every afternoon from 3:00 pm for municipal and regional government officials. At the end of each day, it will be the turn of Latin American Cultural Nights, starting at 7:30 p.m. Also in the offices of the House of Culture with themes such as boleros, Urban, Soul & Gospel and Chingana, with live food carts, beer and wine from the region.

The invitation, then, to participate in this experience in the municipality of Rancagua, which will be a unique opportunity to build a better city as a community.

To register, access these links:

Master’s classes enrollment

Extension of registration workshops

Official registration workshops

International Web University of Rancagua

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