Ciolacu: The government has started a policy of austerity. Wounds are everywhere

Public Security Directorate leader Marcel Sioulako said the executive authority has started austerity measures and will make cuts everywhere, “From retirees, from children, to budget holders, from Horeca, to transporting students even on the first day with the opening of schools“.
Practically speaking, today they have buried all the hopes of an entire people for a dignified and civilized life. The hopes of the entire business environment for the economy to return to normal! It is just the beginning of a long, black tunnel of austerity.
Romania will take at least 5 years to get out of the hole where these incompetent ones have thrown us. Nothing for the people, everything for their customers, for their batteries, for their relatives. For all those who are planted in paid jobs. They have money for them! Otherwise, a great deal of inefficiency and lack of a solution to economic recovery, to fight the epidemic or to protect the standard of living.
On Monday, Marcel Ciolako wrote on Facebook, broadcasting

National Liberation Party leader Ludovic Urban announced that after discussions at the coalition meeting, it was ensured that no new holiday vouchers would be issued because there were already holiday vouchers in effect this year. He also said that there is a decision on a 30% increase for the provinces that will not be paid with the passage of the state budget law for 2021. He also said that the goal is for the deficit to be around 7%.
We also discussed some measures to cut spending, because here we have to be quite right, both the European Commission and the rating agencies aim not only to reach the deficit target that we negotiated, but also to follow up on the structural deficit, i.e. the evolution of spending for a long time – term. As such, it is evident that we must also achieve a reduction in these expenditures to demonstrate the correctness of the Roman economy’s budget.Urban said on Monday.

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Urban said that, too The pension point will be increased in 2022, on January 1. In his opinion, the system of increasing the pension point in the summer – autumn has caused damage.

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