Chubut participated in the 2nd General Assembly of the Federal Council of Science and Technology

The 2nd General Assembly of the year of the Federal Council of Science and Technology (COFECyT) was held, which was chaired by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, and President of the Council, Daniel Filmus, in which Chubut was at the table of authorities represented by the Secretary of Science, Technology, Productive Innovation and Culture, Mauro Carrasco, Technical Secretary of COFECyT.

The event, which was attended by members of the Cabinet and the Federal Council, was coordinated by the Undersecretary for the Federalization of Science, Technology and Innovation, Elisa Colombo. During the same, issues related to the federalization of Science and Technology and the Territorial Agendas of the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation 2030 were discussed; and agreements for Institutional Strengthening of Science and Technology Management were signed with the 24 jurisdictions, for more than $ 100 million.

In this plan, Chubut received 4 million for this purpose, plus 20 million pesos that will be used in Federal Innovation Projects and one million for institutional technological linker.

State Policy

In turn, Filmus stated that Science and Technology “must be a State policy where one of the central issues is federalization. We have to know how to generate a central nucleus of medium and long-term policies that we can carry out beyond any sectoral or partisan perspective. We have to create a social conscience about the importance of Science and Technology to transform the productive system and overcome cyclical crises in order to generate a different model that allows its benefits to be distributed among all and all ”.

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For his part, the secretary of Scientific and Technological Articulation, Juan Pablo Paz, referred to the capacity of the scientific-technological system to respond to the specific problems presented by the pandemic.

In this regard, the head of Science, Technology and Culture of Chubut, and technical secretary for Support of COFECyT, Mauro Carrasco, stressed that “the Assembly was very beneficial given that the importance of making a change that goes from a national system to a federal science system, where homogeneous resources tend to solve the problems of society, the final beneficiary of all products generated by the scientific system ”.

Finally, the Secretary of Planning and Policies in Science, Technology and Innovation, Diego Hurtado, presented the guidelines and objectives of the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation 2030. Finally, the representatives of the different jurisdictions exchanged glances and raised various issues to the ministry authorities.

Also present were the vice president of COFECyT, Adrián Suárez; the representatives of the 24 jurisdictions that make up the COFECyT and the team of the Undersecretariat of Federalization of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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