Christian Nodal: The Mexican who went with him to Honduras

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That way Christian Nodal and Belinda They have given something to enjoy and talk about their broken commitment. Although Bob went to Spain to continue recording Princess “Welcome to Eden”, the translator of “Ya no Somos ni Ceremos” was caught up with different women.

The 23-year-old singer was rumored by some media to have taken refuge with handsome guys after their separation He recently canceled a concert in Medellin, Colombia, because Accordion’s translator did not take his flight to Los Angeles to be with a companion.Yes

Now Christian Nodal has arrived in Honduras Revealed by Instagram account, on a private plane with a beautiful Mexican hand Chamonix And the lucky one will be a beautiful young woman Her name is Mariana and she is from Sinaloa, Mexico.

It was rumored that Christian Nodal already had a girlfriend

It was recently rumored that Christian would be in a new relationship with Nodal Aurora GardensA woman who specializes in real estate is mentioned in the autobiography of her profile: “Master in global sales; Consultant in real estate investments; Luxury real estate management”.

When Christie Solis, the mother of the singer of “Bodella After Bottle”, started following the young woman on Instagram, the rumor that she was doing good deeds like Belinda was strengthened.

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