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We dream that he is competing in a first-class club, but the reality is different: last weekend he alternated in a deep pichanga/chicken. It will be a month from Monday Christian cave After controversially leaving to sign for Mexico’s Pachuca in the 2019 season, the billionaire has received a final ruling from TAS that reaffirmed the payment he owes Brazil’s Santos FC, so the duo owes the Brazilian club around $4.7 million.

Interview: “I cut the record three times and they didn’t even give me 10 cents”

For this reason, last Thursday we published an interview with Santos’ legal counsel, in which he explained the situation surrounding Cristian Cueva’s involvement with Mexican team Pachuca. “Now we are waiting for the position of the player and Pachuca, because the decision was published a month ago. They still have the opportunity to appeal to the Swiss High Court, but it is very difficult, because it is a very difficult process for cases where there is some mistake or some misinterpretation of Swiss law. We will collect the amount of the debt and now, we only have to wait and wait for a moment for a position,” explained Cristiano Goss.

When is the appeal deadline? The sentence became official on January 27, so the deadline to appeal is 30 days from the date the sentence was announced. That is, until Monday, February 27th. “They’re in that phase. Then, due to the position of all the football clubs, the best chance is to reach an agreement to define the fees for how the assessed parts will be paid when the process is at this stage. Time to wait and see what Pachuca does. We will have to wait from Santos,” he added.

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Christian Cueva | AFP Photo/Maria Calls (Photo by Maria Calls / AFP)

El Comercio contacted Armando Martínez, the head of Pachuca, the Mexican group involved in this legal mess, and Santos previously contacted Cristian Cueva from Brazil to hear his version of the matter.

“Our lawyers are looking at this situation, Jean-Pierre, I can’t tell you anything because the administrative and legal part of the club is looking at it directly. I understand that they will negotiate with the club and the player Christian Cueva,” he first told this newspaper.

Finally, we ask you: Do you think this legal mess with Christian Cueva is affecting your company’s image? He replied as follows. “We are not to blame for anything, because we did everything in good faith and the media knows that our company always adheres to principles and laws, and this should not change our image”The president of Pachuca sentenced El Comercio.

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