Chivas demanded an investigation into Mazatlán’s improper renovation

Omar Flores AltanaSep 27, 2023, 02:04 ETReading: 3 min.

Fidelsson: “Chivas trying to win three points is shameless”

The Futbol Picante analyst did not hesitate to condemn Chivas for improperly aligning with Mazatlán.

By regulation, Guadalajara requested a 24-hour investigation into the improper alignment; David Fidelson pointed out that the herd already practiced the practice

Sivas He had 24 hours and started when he finished his game MazatlanIt is possible to get three points in the table Improper alignment of Joaquin Esquivel, who entered the match early in match day 11 with five yellow cards. The Guadalajara club requested an investigation from the disciplinary committee an hour after the 1-3 loss to the Gunneros, David Fidelson at Futbol Picante said.

Mazatlan Register Joaquin Esquivel, whoever accumulates five yellow cards should be suspended for one match, according to the regulations. Three of those cautions were added to the Sinaloan squad, and he picked up two more from his time at Necaxa in the first two days of Apertura 2023.

As per prohibition rules, Sivas After completing your contest, you have 24 hours to send a letter requesting that you be charged Improper alignmentA loss to Sinaloa and a win to Guadalajara at the table could be allowed.

Chivas can win the fight against Mazatlán at the top of the table.Imago 7

“Irregular repairs may be authorized officially and/or at the request of a party. In any case, the following conditions shall be observed: […] In the case of finals, extraordinary matches or matches outside the matchday, 24 hours after the end of the match in which the claimed events took place,” says Sanctions Regulations, Article 44.

David Fidelson noted “Sivas “He’s already put a claim on the table to try to win three points that he can’t win on the field.”

Owners’ “Information Meeting” Liga MXHeld on Monday, September 25, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, it was made clear that the regulations will be respected and that no one will have any facilities if they are not complied with.

For this reason, the player is punished with defeat at the table. PueblaDefeated Xolos de Tijuana on the field Improper alignmentand Rayados de Monterrey were fined for registering two different players with the same number in the same match.

If necessary, the Regulatory Authority may open a “Leading Authority” inquiry to review the indicated legislation. Guadalajara He rarely waited more than an hour and the process of winning the fight against Mazatlan On top of the table.

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