Chinese parliament approves electoral reform in Hong Kong, can veto Xi Jinping regime candidates

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang vote on electoral reform in Hong Kong (Reuters)

The Chinese parliament passed almost unanimously on Thursday a Hong Kong Electoral System Reform This will provide Xi Jinping rule Veto power over pro-democratic opposition candidates In the assembly elections of the territory.

Ignoring warnings from western capitals, 3,000 delegates from the National People’s Congress (NPC) approved a “draft decision to improve the electoral system” in the former British colony.

A round of applause ensued as a result of voting in the grand palace of the seat of parliament in Beijing. No deputy voted against the text, only one voted against it.

Following the announcement of the reforms last week, London, but also Washington and Brussels, warned the Chinese regime against a new attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy and the rest of its independence.

Vote in the Chinese Legislature (Reuters)
Vote in the Chinese Legislature (Reuters)

The proposed change in the appointment of members of the Legislative Council (Lego) of the Hong Kong Parliament sparked unprecedented repression almost a year after Beijing imposed a national security law. Of opposition activists in the autonomous region.

The communist regime imposed the law in 2019 following massive protests against Beijing’s influence in Hong Kong. But the government of Chinese President Xi Jinping has not been able to prevent local consultation in late 2019 from delivering a major victory for opposition district councilors.

“Election Commission”

Following Thursday’s vote, the NPC’s status commission is expected to work on a bill that will be formally approved by the Chinese parliament before being imposed in Hong Kong.

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The text was not published, but the company Xinhua Explained This would increase the role of the Hong Kong “Electoral Commission”, an organization subordinate to Beijing, which already directly appoints half of the members of the Legislative Council..

This mechanism has allowed the Chinese government to gain a majority in favor of Lego since the 1997 recession.

Electoral committee, from 1,200 current members to 1,500 Ability to select candidates who can stand for the democratic process of elections, According to the official agency.

Lego will go from 70 to 90 members, but the company did not say whether the election committee could now appoint more than half of Hong Kong’s representatives.

Last week, the European Union warned Beijing not to accept the reform, saying it was ready to “take action” in retaliation. The United States denounced the former colony as a “direct attack on autonomy.”

Protesters protest outside court, with 47 pro-democracy activists being questioned in Hong Kong (Europa Press)
Protesters protest outside court, with 47 pro-democracy activists being questioned in Hong Kong (Europa Press)

The plan is “essential to maintaining lasting stability in Hong Kong,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

Only for “patriots”

By the time China returned, Beijing had guaranteed Hong Kong until 2047, some autonomy and freedoms unknown in the country.

But the Chinese regime and the media have been saying for weeks that it is necessary A reform to ensure that only “patriots” can run the financial metropolis.

The term “patriotic” means “loving the current People’s Republic of China, led by the Communist Party of China,” Zhang Ruan, deputy commissioner of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong, said on Tuesday.

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Patriots should respect the Chinese Communist Party“He added.”We will examine whether candidates meet these criteria”.

Hong Kong chief executive Gary Lam, hated by the opposition, welcomed the Chinese delegates’ vote and thanked him “with all my heart.”

However, his adviser in the Chinese parliament, Hong Kong Vice President Bernard Chan, said: AFP Leco told the benches that “he would not be surprised if the majority of the opposition is allowed to return.”

“If they do not openly promote separatism, they deserve an election.”, He promised.

Authorities canceled the election in September 2020 to renew half of Lego, citing the state of the Govt-19 epidemic.

On Monday, Lam pointed out that the September elections could be further postponed due to changes called by Beijing.

(With information from AFP)

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