Chinese millionaire withdraws more than 780 thousand dollars from the bank and asks employees to count bills by hand (photos)


October 31, 2021 04:51 GMT

The financial entity reported that the massive withdrawal came as a result of a disagreement between the customer and the security guard over COVID-19 protocols, after he was asked to wear a mask.

Chinese Millionaire Withdrawn more than 780 thousand dollars from a bank and asked bank employees to manually count all banknotes “to avoid failure”.

The man who was identified only as “Sunwear”, books On the social network Weibo, which withdrew about five million yuan ($783,000) in banknotes from the Shanghai Bank after receiving “Worst service attention”, referring in particular to the “terrible attitude” of the security guards. He added that it took two bank officials two hours to count the money and remove it from the counter.

This is the maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn, which is why the customer said that he plans to return every day until Withdraw all your savings and transfer them to other banks. It is not clear if he has withdrawn the rest of his money again.

Pictures of the millionaire carrying packets of cash in boxes and bags and taking it to his car have gone viral on social media.

On the other hand, the financial institution communication The mass withdrawal was the result A dispute between the client and the security guard About covid-19 protocols, after he was asked to wear a mask.

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in a second PublishingThe millionaire expressed his displeasure with the service and insisted that he did not refuse to wear a mask and comply with covid-19 rules.

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