China's New Aggression: Coast Guard pulls out two Philippine ships from disputed waters in South Sea

China's New Aggression: Coast Guard pulls out two Philippine ships from disputed waters in South Sea (AP)

The China Coast Guard This saturday was eliminated from three Philippine Ships It entered the waters adjacent to the coral reef Ayungin (known as Renai in China), Ill South Sea.

A Coast Guard spokesperson Khan UIt said in a statement that the Philippines had seized two coast guard vessels and another supply ship for “deliberate disturbance of peace and stability”.

According to the spokesperson Beijing ruleThe supply vessel entered the disputed area despite “multiple warnings” from the Chinese coast guard, which “professionally and legally” intercepted and evacuated it.

In addition, Gan warned that the Asian giant's coast guard is “highly alert to protect China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.”

The incident comes after Beijing condemned the “illegal landing” of 34 Filipino citizens last Thursday. Sandy K (known as Dixian in China), another island in the South Sea, whose sovereignty is disputed China and the PhilippinesIn other countries.

Philippine and Chinese ships collide in latest clash over South China Sea atoll

The South Sea, vital to global maritime trade and rich in natural resources, has seen several clashes between Chinese and Philippine ships in recent months.

Beijing and Manila maintain a conflict over the sovereignty of several islands and atolls in these waters, which Xi Jinping's regime claims are largely for “historical reasons”. Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague In 2016, he ruled in favor of Manila in an award.

Except for the Philippines and China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan And Brunei claims part of this strategic sea, through which 30% of global trade flows and which is home to 12% of the world's fishing grounds, as well as oil and gas deposits.

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This Saturday China Coast Guard According to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, water cannons were fired at a Philippine ship en route to the Ayung's Shoal sandbar for a rotation and replenishment (RoRe) mission, causing “severe damage”.

The Manila ships entered the waters near Ayung's Atoll when they were chased away by Beijing forces. (Europe Press)

“On March 23, 2024 at 06:08, on May 4, the Chinese Coast Guard vessel 'BN21551' passed a dangerous maneuver against the Philippine supply ship Unaisa. [UM4] While the PRP is going to Ayungin Shoal for rotation and redeployment work for Filipino soldiers stationed in Sierra Madre,” the Philippines condemned in a statement.

Earlier this month, four employees Philippine Navy Two Chinese ships were injured when they fired a water cannon at the Manila ship in the West Philippine Sea, which also shattered the Philippine ship's windshield, injuring its occupants, the newspaper said.the inquirer'.

According to the Philippine military, the supply vessel UM4 suffered “severe damage” from “continuous water cannon fire from a Chinese Coast Guard vessel” and was unable to continue its course, requiring assistance from another vessel in the zone.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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