Vladimir Putin has warned that marginalizing Russia is “impossible”

The Russian President Vladimir PutinWarned this Thursday It is “impossible” to marginalize RussiaIndicates the obstacles for him “Special military action” Inside UkraineAnd stressed that no “world gender” can prevent countries that want to develop independent policies.

“We understand the enormous technological advantages (…) in developed economies. We do not intend to give them up.

The Kremlin leader insisted that “no one can sideline it” unless a country like Russia wants to isolate itself behind a wall.

“In the West they firmly believe that they can brand anyone who has their own perspective and is willing to defend it from world politics, culture and sports,” he said. Putin stressed that ignoring the interests of other countries in the political and security spheres “leads to chaos and economic shock.”

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He stressed that current inflation has not been recorded in developed economies over the past 40 years, while unemployment is rising and “global crises are worsening in sensitive areas such as food.”

The president pointed out that through sanctions and sanctions they are trying to “control and weaken” countries that form independent policies. In this sense, he promised, “no world gender can stop this natural global process” because “there are not enough forces for it, and finally, due to internal problems, they will lose their will”.

Putin, who did not directly mention his “special military operation” in Ukraine, said Russia had done “much needed” in areas where its sovereignty was guaranteed. “We will continue to move forward,” he stressed.

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