China lands a spacecraft on the surface of Mars | Univision Science News

China was able to land a spacecraft Ann Tuesday For the first time, as part of the latest development of his space program. The official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday (local time) that the lander had landed, citing China’s National Space Administration.

According to the plan, the scroll study The descent will be in the constituency for a few days For diagnostic tests before descending a ramp to explore an area Snow covered Mars on Utopia Planetia. The Chinese study joins another American who arrived on the Red Planet in February.

First China landing A permanent space station on Mars last month and a mission to bring back rocks from the moon late last year will continue to launch the main part of what will be.

“China has left a mark on Mars for the first time, which is an important step in our country’s space exploration,” Xinhua said when announcing the landing on one of its social media accounts.

United States It has had nine successful landings on Mars since 1976. The Soviet Union landed on the planet in 1971, but the mission failed shortly after the spacecraft stopped sending information.

A study and a small helicopter are currently exploring Mars since the United States landed in February. NASA expects Rosa to collect its first model in July and return to Earth in a decade.

China has already been able to carry out a study on the moon, but doing so on Mars is a very difficult task because the planet has a very thin atmosphere.

Ships must wear protective shields due to the intense heat entering the atmosphere, as well as retro rockets and parachutes to slowly prevent them from crashing to the surface. Parachutes and rockets must be activated at precise moments to land at the designated place.

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To land on the moon, only mini-rocket ships are needed, and parachutes are large enough to return to Earth because it has a very dense atmosphere.

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