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The application will have new terms and conditions from May 15.

Do not accept the new terms and conditions of Share This can be a problem for users The application will exclude them. Therefore, it will be an essential requirement for those who use it Processor.

All of these new Terms of Use will enter This comes into effect from May 15. Therefore, the Only once Continue regular use of WhatsApp Accept the terms and conditions. Some users have already received notification and have already accepted the rules, and if that is your case, there is nothing to worry about because the application will continue to run.

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If you have not yet done so, you should receive a message within the next few days that will allow them to accept or reject them.

WhatsApp clarified that the new rules will not remove accounts that do not comply, but will gradually apply the restrictions. First, After the deadline, they can only receive calls and notifications, but not read or send messages.

After a while, the restrictions will increase until the application can be used. At this point, users will no longer receive calls and notifications for non-compliance with the terms and conditions. They can not even send calls and messages.

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In addition, it is mentioned If you have already rejected the terms and you regret it, You still have the opportunity to accept them after May 15.

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