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“Huntress” is a Chilean psychological thriller that experiments with the science fiction genre. who will have the first show On January 19 in cinemas.

The Huntress, the movie

“Huntress” is a film directed by Martine Dublaquet and starring Natalia Redesen, Willy Semler, Felipe Valenzuela and Alexandra von Hummel.

The film shows us the lives of Emilia (40 years old) and her son Mateo (17 years old), who survived a global epidemic. They both live in the mountains where they survive by hunting rabbits. During a day of hunting, they attempt to steal their jeep, however, Emilia manages to stop the vehicle with a shot.

Rina (30 years old) emerges from it, and he is mysterious Women That with his appearance he will awaken a series of latent feelings in the trio. The tension, which will increase during the trip, will hasten to an abrupt end when Emilia discovers that Rina has deceived them. affinity movie

The film deals with issues that are rarely discussed in our country, which makes it exploratory in the genre of science fiction, dystopian reality and global catastrophes.

Also posted in review biobio, The tape has several weaknesses. On the other hand, with the text, which forces the viewer to make efforts – or at least to the author of the note – to maintain credibility. The internal coherence of the story. As well as the absence of context in which the story takes place.

However, this does not mean that she addresses a genre rarely found in Chilean cinema and Alexandra von Hummel’s performance as the protagonist. who gives life to one Women Strong in a role usually assigned to men.

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In this way, “Huntress” arrives on the national billboard from Thursday, January 19, 2023. The 72-minute psychological thriller will be shown in large theaters in the country.

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