Chicote Calderon promises that the 2022 opening will be different


Although he did not want to go into detail yet, Seikot Calderon used the opportunity to throw a dart Atlas red and black And congratulations to them on both championships, but Remind them that they need to get many more topics In the MX League.

Keep in mind that there was one a few months ago Controversy For a publication on social networks related to the red and black championship he did Edgar Saldivar, Christian “repliedThey are missing 10”.

“If he’s a two-time champion or champion, it’s his turn. I repeat: There are many more stars to reach usBut I don’t want to get into that anymore, ”he said in an interview TUDN.

For this reason, he pledged the opening to 2022 The attitude and results within the Guadalajara team will be different In recent years, especially since there has been a lot of confidence from all the parties that make up the Red and White Company.

This match will be different and I have high hopes for my teammates, coaches and myself.. I knew we were going to do great things.

They take the bad to create the good

Personally, Chicode assured that he was a victim Bad comments In previous matches, but it was stressed Was able to channel them In a good way and it helped the fans to identify their performance on the playing field.

“Thank you. There were twice as many people in the stadium who finally said things to me and threw me out. I received messages from the same people and they thanked me for the effortThat’s what I like. “

In the same case, the 25-year-old component was added, which received negative feedback from a team like Sivas, but, like the last match, they ended up in good shape to get around. Quarter final.

“Holy Flock” makes its presentation next Saturday, July 2 at 5:00 p.m. (Central Mexico Time) upon receipt Ciudad Juarez Braves.

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