Checo Perez, third fastest at Jeddah; Verstappen dominated the day

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Red Bull dominates Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin at Jetta.

Checo Perez Proceedings closed on a good Friday Saudi Arabian Grand Prix With a third place finish, he will only be trailing among the leaders Max Verstappen And Ferdinand Alonso.

Sergio Perez came out in the first minutes and took first place with a time of 1:30.428. Fernando Alonso And Max Verstappenwho responded to his partner with 1:30.058.

The first few minutes started with the medium tires as the track conditions were close to what most teams will experience in Sunday’s race.

Sego Perez finished third in the second free practice session for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.PA

Red bull In the first session they decided to test the dominant red tire. This led to Guadalajara First with a 1:29.902, Max Verstappen, who used the medium rubber, was second.

Half an hour into the session, the Mexican moved again Verstappenwho was faster than Perez .299 in ten.

Within 20 minutes, the teams went through a simulation of the race.

Checo Perez went out Round Jetta Corniche With a medium compound, Max did the same, but with softer rubber to compare the performance of the two compounds.

The Mexican had a good performance with a full tank, becoming faster on the track than the Dutchman.

Sec He finished the session with a 1:29.902 Fernando Alonso He clocked 1:29.811. Both were two-tenths slower than the two-time world champion, who dominated throughout Friday.

The Mexican will be looking for his second pole position this Saturday Formula 1He did it for the first time in 2022 ArabicIn a fight lived with Charles Leclerc And Verstappen.

All is not well Sec And Red bull, because the team had to replace the car’s battery from Guadalajara. No reason given, but this is the second unit they’ve used in the number 11 car and only had two for the entire campaign. Using more than those two will result in a penalty at the initial stage.

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