Chapter 3 of “Science of the Singular”: Biobanks as Allies for Research in Rare Diseases

Cyber ​​| Wednesday, May 3, 2023

In this third podcast of “singular flag”initiative Post 4 Rare And CIBERERtitled Biobanks: the search for allies AndWe explain the role these repositories of biological samples and patient data play in the investigation of rare diseases.

One of the major problems facing research in the field of rare diseases is availability biological samples. How do these diseases affect Very few people These are also found scattered Geographically, access to a sufficient number of samples is limited. In science, study results It is not conclusive If obtained from a few samples or from a larger quantity. That is, the more samples we use in experiments, the more important our findings will be. This is undoubtedly a big challenge, but we can meet it thanks to some great allies, namely Biobanks.

In this podcast we talk about those warehouses That guard sample collections and data too Valuable for basic search. Regarding our scientific side Christina Joboss Biobank at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital Barcelona, a repository specialized in the management of biological samples for children, mothers and infants, unique in Spain. We also talk to Carmen Aguadocoordinator CIBERER BiobankIt is a biobank entirely dedicated to the storage and management of samples from patients with rare diseases. On behalf of our patients Gisela Guevaravice president Anadejo And Anna’s mother, who collaborated with the Biobank at St. Joan DD Hospital to advance the investigation into her illness, Dermatomyositis in children. finally, Antonio Lopezpresident ENACH Association and father of two affected young women, he explains the collaborative project he is carrying out with the CIBERER Biobank.

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Podcast 3: Biobanks: the search for allies

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