Chamber of Deputies PLT spokesman says “wall” will not prevent Haitians from crossing illegally

Gustavo Sanchez, a spokesman for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) in the Chamber of Deputies, said that Haitians would enter Dominican territory illegally, beyond the imaginary construction of “fences” on the border, as announced by President Louis Abinader. .

Commenting on Abinader’s announcement that a fence would be erected at the border, Gustavo Sanchez added that the president was trying to “confuse” the people by not using the word “wall.”

“To the fence (gate), they used a little word to confuse because they didn’t want to talk about a wall. If you were going to build a wall, but why didn’t you say a wall because the walls were the talk of historically radical nationalists, leaving nationalism and using the word wall. For those who do not want to use and a somewhat limited term: a valley and drones and what I know, because in that sense nationalism goes unnoticed, but it is not nationalism, ”Sanchez said in a mocking tone.

He added that beyond the construction of the wall, Haitians would cross the border in other ways due to the general situation in the neighboring country.

“I believe the pigeon always flies where the bread is. As long as Haiti is in a state of disrepair, as long as there is widespread poverty in Haiti, they can set up all the walls of the world, but they have to get here by boat because the first need of man is to survive,” said B.C. Said the L.D. deputy.

Beyond that, the legislator noted the claims of Alfredo Pacheco, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, that “one should not ask about nationality” and, above all, “they are human beings” in order to provide a vaccine against Govt.

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“If a foreigner comes, I don’t think I should ask their country or ask where they are coming from to get vaccinated. If it is maintained, it exposes the Dominicans to infection, and the chances of infection are lower as the world is vaccinated,” Sanchez said.

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