Cesar Prieto SUMÓ for Aguilas Cipenas in the Serie de Titanes

Luxurious Titans series carried out in City Field From New York City, attended his last game. This dynamic involves three fights.

There were questionable teams Chibanas eagles vs Lyceum Tigers. These chiefs, on the 12th of November, launched their attack in full swing.

Cesar Brito, has been a staple for the Dominican team. And to continue his good energy, he was with a super timely tree.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Dominican arrived at home plate with men on the corners and two outs.

The score tilted strongly in his team’s favor. First Eagles Then they dominated 7×1 Lyceum Tigers.

César Prieto did not disappoint his team

The ball went between center and left field. With enough distance, his partner at third comfortably scored the eighth run of the game.

This way, Cesar Brito Lighted up the party City Field And Sibeno spiced up the team for this delightful streak that reached American soil. So far, the eighth innings is played and the scoreboard reflects in favor of 9×3 Eagles.

Your statistics Lidom They stand with a .292 batting average. In 48 at-bats, he had 14 hits, four doubles, two triples and five RBI.

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