Central Bank Statement on Circulation of New One Hundred Cuban Peso Bills

Officials of the Central Bank of Cuba (PCC) said through their Official channels This April 19, the new bills of one hundred Cuban pesos and their characteristics, which differ from the previous ones.

According to the report, the new 100 Cuban peso bill is already in circulation dated 2023, and “it retains the key features of the previous issues and maintains the security measures described below: the main themes on the front and back, the BCC logo and the signature of the current ministerial head of the BCC, with his legend and year. , which is printed in magenta.

“Unlike the previous one, this new bill has no touch relief and no Braille code for the blind,” they added. Officials also promised that the new one-hundred-peso bill would be “distributed simultaneously with previous issues of maintaining legal tender.”

One Hundred Peso Banknotes in Cuba: Counterfeits

In many cases, this denomination of one hundred Cuban peso bills was used for counterfeiting by criminals on the island. Five years ago, one of the international press reported that the Cuban capital was circulating and had “security marks and watermarks of the Banco Central de Cuba”.

“Every now and then they introduce bills of 50 pesos or less, sometimes 100, but nothing like this quality and watermark. That’s what confused us (…) They introduce it in cafeterias, where the workers are not ready to detect such cases,” said a man in Havana. A restaurant owner said at the time.

As a rule, the one hundred Cuban peso bill bears the image and watermark of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, with the face of Celia Sánchez Manduli. On the back is a statue of José Martí, known as the Anti-Imperialist Tribune in front of the US Embassy in Havana.

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