Celeb Reactions to Shakira’s New Song and Tart to PQ

Shakira It has been trending on social media within hours of its official release His new song in collaboration with Bizarrap. As soon as BZRP Music Sessions 53 was released, the lyrics started creating a global sensation as it was inevitable that everyone would connect it to a clear message. Gerard PQFormer Barcelona player and former emotional partner of Shakira.

Through social networks, numerous personalities from music, sports and YouTubers joined the conversation around the musical theme that everyone is talking about at the moment. Some of the characters on the networks behaved like this.


The Colombian singer-songwriter surrendered to Shakira and called her “giant.”

Ibai Plain

The Spanish streamer took a sarcastic take on Shakira’s song.

Alejandro Sanz

The famous Spanish singer started a tweet that many users associated with Shakira.

Small Fish Ruiz

On his Twitter account, the former Guatemala team player and top scorer created controversy by expressing his opinion on the matter.

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