Catena admitted that a direct ticket to Liguilla is a long way off

Sivas is very close to entering the final phase of the 2022 start and in Equipment They are already used to the idea that it will be via RepechageSo he revealed it technicalRicardo Cadena.

The Rojiblanco strategist knows about what get At the very least Coming to fourth place is not easyBecause it’s not just about them, though. Put them in contention for the title.

“We know Distance of teams What is the matter? Noteworthy in the top four of the table. If we take into account each time Dates are reducedI don’t know if it allows or reaches us. We will play game, add as many points as possible and in the end, we will know how far that will allow us to put us in the table,” he assured.

“Finally Our objective is to find classification And, after that, look for the next step. We will walk a little, our main task today is to play games.

Pending a match, Sivas reached 19 points, It is five units from Pachuca This is already the fourth 9 President of the United StatesHis rival in two days.

I like Participation of children. with Great approach This team must face every commitment with utmost determination. With great confidence and character, I assure you that today, we are the team that decided to start the game, They promise that. I can use anyone,” he added.

“They try to do what’s best for the team, which means playing, being disciplined, making sacrifices. Everyone agrees to do the same,” he said.

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Chivas add 6 duels unbeaten in a rowAnd the 2022 inauguration will give them hope of completion.

What is recovery today? Unity, group character, knowing that this is a very difficult field, the only field in Mexican football with artificial grass and the most difficult opponent to say. The boys showed great courage”, he agreed.

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