Catalino Miranda was accused of falsifying $1,800,000 in loan documents

Miranda, a bus entrepreneur and trade union leader, is in jail for public disorder and overselling.

In a case related to loans and financial guarantees, the prosecutor's office issued an arrest warrant against Catalino Miranda and two other people accused of falsifying documents.

Miranda and José Braulio Miranda Arteaga face material falsification charges. And Josué Adalberto Segovia Escamilla was accused of using and possessing false documents.

According to investigations by the prosecutor's office, the defendants falsified mortgage cancellation documents worth $1,800,000; Two properties which served as collateral for the loan were given to the Center for National Registration (CNR) with a view to release.

Later, the accused allegedly falsified another document, submitted to the Deputy Ministry of Transport (VMT) to release 79 buses registered as collateral for the same loan, the prosecutor's office said.

Miranda is being held and will be notified of the new crime he has been charged with, the prosecutor's office said.

Pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by the Prosecutor's Office, the other two defendants were arrested by the PNC.

Miranda faces a three-year prison sentence for public nuisance and overcharging, and a second trial for conceptual forgery for allegedly providing false documents for a $2 million loan.

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