Case on Televisa! Cecilia Galliano insults the driver, which is the answer he gets

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Mexico City.- During the show I fall for the laughter, Cecilia Galliano Exploded against Mariacell And called her a “little dog” after appearing in a dance fight in the section and accusing her of “cheating” ‘Step by step’.

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One of Mariazeline’s moves angered Argentina, who promised to withdraw from the tournament, pointing out that he could not make that move because he was tall.

Despite his disagreement, Galliano tried to copy that step, but when he did appear, he accused the driver of cheating, which did not prevent him from being declared the winner.

After this shock, Cecilia was targeted CriticsSome users of social networks described her as a “bad loser” and a “problem” due to the attitude she took during her participation. I fall for the laughter.

Likewise, fans praised the way he defended Mariacelo and his response to the confrontation with Cecilia Galliano, and said he was ready to change the dance so that she could continue in the competition.

By your account InstagramMariacell shared a message in her stories that many took especially for the actress TelevisaMay indicate that the conflict went beyond the forum.

Be selective in your battles, and sometimes it’s better to be quiet than to be right. ”

Source: The Herald

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