Carol G swept Saturday Night Live and delivered a strong message about Photoshop

After winning the hearts of fans across platforms, digital platforms and across the globe, Carol added a new feat to her career as an artist: she was a special guest on ‘Saturday Night Live’, One of the most watched programs on American television on April 15.

Directed by Cuban actress Ana de Armas, the show featured Carol G in a comical, yet critical and radio-oriented way. In addition to explaining some of his musical successes, the Colombian shined for his authenticity and acted in some moments that went unnoticed and became relevant among the Latin American population.

With a yellow background, a flower in the hair and a white dress with cutouts, The Paisa singer sang ‘Miendras Me Cro Del Cora’ from his fourth album ‘Manana Ser Bonito’. This is the first time in Spanish that a female artist has topped the Billboard charts.

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With a chorus, Carol G filled the studio with energy that was silent. As if that was not enough, she caused havoc by entertaining the audience with ‘Your Mirror’.

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“I hope again for you,” sang the Colombian, as she strutted down the stage in a black blouse that featured a spike print on the front and a skirt with a prominent slit. Behind her lay a noble vehicle and a group of instrumentalists accompanying her to the end.

On the official account of ‘Saturday Night Live’, the show thanked both Carol G and Ana de Armas for their participation. In a spirited way, the two stars embraced and said goodbye as they arrived: in style.

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Carol G makes a note against ‘Photoshop’ on the show

Although the singer’s musical interventions kept the public from taking their eyes off her, there was another moment that caught the attention, as it was classified as particularly related to a controversial situation that the artist recently experienced.

During part of the US show, Carol G wore a shirt with “Photoshop” emblazoned across the front. What is interesting is that the fans did not miss, she had a red prohibition sign above her.

(Interestingly: Carol G in GQ: This is what she actually looked like in the photo shoot, before editing).

The act was immediately linked to the episode the singer starred in for ‘GQ’ magazine a few weeks ago. On his social networks, the artist talked about the cover published on April 6.

“Today my ‘GQ’ magazine cover was made public, a cover with an image that doesn’t represent me. My face is not like that, my body is not like that, I feel very happy and comfortable with how I am naturally,” the ‘Provence’ translator began.

At the time, although she appreciated the opportunity to star in the magazine’s edition, she made clear her disagreement with the retouching they carried out on the photo, characterizing it as “disrespectful” to her. To all the women who try to defy society’s stereotypes every day.

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