Carmen Salinas is still in intensive care, he has not reached the brainstem, but he has a stroke “disability” – Brenza Libre

The family of actress, producer and Mexican politician Carmen Salinas, 82, released a new medical report on her health this Friday, November 12th. The vital organs function naturally.

The actress’ granddaughter Carmen Placencia explained which part of the brain had cerebral hemorrhage, which kept her grandmother in a coma and in intensive care.

He explained that the actress had been evaluated by several doctors and that three neurologists agreed that her case was complicated.

“It does not move, it has a fan to help it breathe, it’s one of the functions of the shaft, it’s one of the damaged parts,” Placencia said in an interview with the show “Come on Joy”.

“It’s called cerebral hemorrhage that started in the trunk. The brain is there, the cerebellum is there and the trunk is there, which is responsible for the functions of awakening, breathing and sending the heartbeat, the movement of the heart,” he explained.

“Today my grandmother has vital functions that are constantly maintained by her. My grandmother is in a coma and is serious, but she is alive,” he said in statements on the “Sunrise” project.

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“Currently my grandmother is in a coma. Because her organs function naturally, that is, she makes them function. The diagnosis is a stroke in the trunk area, “Plascencia said, and the senior actress pointed out that the assisted breathing and diagnosis were smooth.”

Also, Gustavo Briones, the son-in-law and right-hand man of Carmen Salinas, described his aunt’s condition as “disability” and denied that he had suffered a stroke. In addition, he clarified that he helped with breathing, but did not inhale.

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“It simply came to our notice then. She has a respirator, she can breathe, but she holds it for help, but she is not inhaled, she said on the “hoy” plan.

With the results of the tomography, doctors are expected to receive a new assessment of their health, which they will share on November 12th.

“Leading actress Carmen Salinas’ family shares with them that she is suffering from a serious illness, which is why she is in the intensive care unit, where she is being treated by specialist doctors,” Priyons said in a statement.

The ex-deputy’s cousin promised to inform the press about his aunt’s health.

Carmen Salinas is one of the most beloved actresses in the Mexican public due to her variety of roles throughout her life.

Born in 1939 in Dorian, in the northern state of Kohuila – according to the Chamber of Deputies’ official website – the actress was in her television debut soap opera “La Vectot” (1964).

Some time later he became a symbol of so-called Mexican fiction cinema for his participation in films such as “La vida inutil de Pito Pérez” (1970) or for his role as La Corcholata in “Bellas de noche” (1975).

Salinas was also involved in political life from 2015 to 2018 by joining the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which was a multi-member affiliate.

After being in politics, Carmen returned to her business in the world of soap operas and entertainment, and was part of Juan Osorio’s works such as “My Husband Has More Family” (2019) and “My Fortune Is Loving You” (2021). This time it is sent through the channel of the stars.

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