Carmen Salinas goes all out to Lalo Mora: “You’re a bitch”

A few days ago, the Mexican regional singer, again Lalo Mora It became a trend on social networks because a video spread, in which it was clearly seen how the interpreter of topics like “Link by Link” put his hand on the neckline of a fan who came to ask him a photo.

The action of the singer 74 years old It was strongly condemned for not downloading it by users on social networks “Long arm”And other insults.

With this in mind, Carmelida salinas He did not stop commenting on this issue and he sent a strong message through the cameras of the Hi project Lalo Mora Whom he called loud and sick.

Carmen Salinas goes all out for Lalo Mora

As we mentioned earlier, the actress, producer and former co-star, just through the cameras of the Hi show Picture of Carmen Salinas Placeholder Could not hide his annoyance with Lalo Mora To whom he said “garbage.”

Picture of Carmen Salinas Placeholder He assured me that it gave him a lot of courage when he saw the video. You saw the young woman’s comfort after being touched by the singer.

“I put my hand on a woman’s chest and it made me so angry. You filthy pig, you idiot,” Carmen Salinas said angrily.

On the other hand, Picture of Carmen Salinas Placeholder He said he was very brave for the move Lalo Mora Well, she is the mother and grandmother of 6 women and she doesn’t even want to think that they can find a man who is disrespectful like her.

“Yeah, I tell you, because I’m a mother and grandmother, I have 6 granddaughters, who would you think would catch a creature taking a picture of a fool like you? Carmen Salinas finished.

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