Carlo Castley and ‘Muma’ Bernardes Manor Fikiurova – Strong News About Tees

The Honduras national team He had practically no desire to qualify after the dramatic defeat against Qatar at the 2022 World Cup Panama At the Sula Olympic Stadium in San Pedro.

Manor Fikiurova, The captain of Bicolor, was one of those pointed out by this negative decision against the canaleros, which was undoubtedly a hard blow to the country.

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It all started with the first goal Manor Fikiurova He was confident and did not destroy the ball, allowing Chanel player Cecilio Waterman to define “Pupa” against Lopez.

Came back after this Panama Exit with two more goals Honduras Sunk in last place in the playoff table.

Faced many criticisms Manor Fikiurova, Two formerly elected Honduras They have been banging on social media to protect the captain.

“You know my hometown, the admiration and respect you have for me. I’m so happy to have played with you and learned from you. Victor “Muma” Bernardes On his Instagram account.

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The current marathon footballer, on the other hand Carlo Castley, Left for further encouragement Manor Fikiurova.

“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you are still ahead of those who have not tried, cheer up,” he wrote. Expensive On his Instagram.

Messages from “Muma” Bernadette and Castley were sent to Manor Fikurova.

Honduras He is now preparing to face Costa Rica at the National Stadium. Undoubtedly, the most complex visit to the “Bolillo” Gómez group.

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