Canello surprises by wearing red and black outfits in support of his ‘new’ team: Atlas

The famous Mexican boxer wore a red and black shirt in Jalisco and expressed his support for the foxes in the fight against the bull.

Guadalajara – “Now I belong to the country Atlas”, He raises his fist and smiles Saul ‘Canolo’ AlvarezUpon arrival Jalisco GroundFor the final against பச்சுகா. This is how he forgets his Rojiblanco past, in which he signed the shirts Sivas One more thing was said about El Repano.

“I have already convinced him that he will come. He goes to the winners, to the winning teams and Atlas One of them “, says Eddie Rhinoso, coach Canelo AlvarezUpon arrival at Jalisco Stadium.

The ‘betrayal’ ended before the first half between Atlas and Pachuka. The Canelo Alvarez He takes off the yellow polo shirt he came in, and the cameras catch the boxer with a jacket from Guadalajara. Atlas.

“We’re going too பச்சுகாI already called him ”, comments Eddie Rhinoceros, because, a few days ago, The Canelo Alvarez He said he would go to the red and black finals if his coach and friend called him.

Disrespect of ‘Cinnamon’ Pay on social networks. “This is the biggest villain in Jalisco,” one user wrote Twitter. “What happened Cinnamon? Aren’t you Rojiblanco?” That begs the question of the other.

Is in it Jalisco Stadium Everything was different, the boxer from Guadalajara was praised by the Red and Blocks fans as they were about to fill their field for the final. They do ‘Cinnamon’ One more in his race.

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A Saul Alvarez Ignore the comment. At Jalisco Stadium, he claps, celebrates the goal, and greets those in his box. The night he turned red and black was the day he forgot that he was red and white.

“Atlas! Atlas! Atlas!” That fans of red and black shout, every time they hear a local sound, between them, Canelo Alvarez.

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