Candidates for the leadership of the PLD will gather for a “public consultation” in October

At least three of the Dominican Liberation Party’s (PLD) presidential candidates took political action last Saturday.

One of them was the mayor of Santiago, Abel Martínez, who presided over the inauguration of District #2 of Santo Domingo Est, attended by hundreds of leaders who make up his campaign team in that district.

At the meeting, Martínez promised that order and massive citizen participation will prevail in the October 16 electoral process to guarantee harmony and unity within the PLD.

Likewise, the mayor also assured that his victory would ensure the return of the opposition to power.

“Without a doubt, that commitment to the Dominican people will take us to the National Palace. We cannot make a mistake with the PLD; a great victory on the coming October 16 will allow the PLD to continue to join forces, so in 2024 we say to the PRM, because of bad government, they They are going to go”, he said.

The meeting was held at the Social Center of Las Minas and was attended by the leaders of the aforementioned constituency, members of the political committee, leaders of the central committee, intermediate and basic groups, representatives of the external sectors of the party and society.

Margarita Cedeno

For her part, former Vice President Margarita Cedeno shifted her political agenda to Barahona, where she held a meeting with locals, telling them that with her victory “they will be good again.”

“I dedicate this beautiful Saturday to my people in Barahona. Here I am with faith, hope and a sure message! We are going to be good again,” read a message posted by the former vice president on his Twitter account.

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Francisco Dominguez Brito

As for Francisco Domínguez Brito, a member of the political group, he had a meeting this Saturday afternoon with the coordinators of the province, Monsignor Nouvel.

Those who attended their meeting were dressed in the colors of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), but strangely they wrote the phrase “Vote 3” the candidate would use in the “consultation”. Public” on October 16.

The meeting saw PLD spokesman in the Senate Yuan Lorenzo, who has been associated with Dominguez Brito’s candidacy since the beginning.

“Monsignor Novel the province has spoken! Said with one voice: We will win! For each province we approach all our activities with competence and full confidence, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. They all seem to be closing the campaign,” the purple candidate wrote.


The PLD plans to hold a “consultation” among the party’s bases next October to determine which of the candidates is most popular.

However, they have repeatedly said that this is not a “primary process” and anyone who is selected and selected can claim their right to be elected even after the date of consultations.

So far, six PLD fighters have expressed interest in being a presidential candidate, namely Martínez, Cedeño, Domínguez Brito, Luis de Leon, Karen Ricardo and Martiza Hernández.

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