JOH and German executives are finalizing the final details for the Palmarola opening

Comayagua, Honduras .- A 60 days Start and entry of the process Palmerola AirportPresident of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez And Munich International Airport executives met this Monday to check on the latest improvements to the facility.

The Airport opening, Reviewing the status of the project, talking about regional development and talking about the problem of airport security, topics that the Honduran President spoke with executives.

See: Palmerola Airport already has low cost flights to three US destinations

The meeting came from Germany, Dr Ralph Cuffall, President of Munich International Airport and Lorenzo of Loreto, Vice president of the same company.

Over the next few hours, more details about the meeting and the results of the talk about the nearly 40,000-square-meter airport and the ability to operate 24 hours a day will be provided.


Through contracts with a German company Emco-MunichPeter Fleming, director of the group’s airport division, says the job will be one of the cheapest air terminals and will receive many airlines, as well as the safest in the region.

What else: Flights will start from Palmarola Airport on October 15th

On July 29, Spirit became the first international airline to confirm flights to three destinations in the United States from Palmarola International Airport in Coma.

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