Canada Summons Russian Ambassador Over Hate Tweets Against LGBTQ Community

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie (Marcus Brandt via REUTERS)

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie JollyOn Monday, it ordered the summons of the Russian ambassador in Ottawa. Oleg StepanovFor a series of “hate” tweets against the community LGBTQIncluding one directed at an apparently lesbian federal minister.

The embassy released the news Twitter In recent days, after Russian lawmakers approved A bill that would ban all forms of LGBTQ “propaganda.” And, according to critics, intensifies repression “Non-traditional” sexual relationshipsaffects from Books Y movies up to Publications In social networks.

“Unsurprisingly, the Russians have once again chosen hate propaganda,” the minister’s deputy director of communications said in a statement. Emily Williams.

“This is an attack on Canadian values Acceptance Y Endurance. “Minister Jolie has directed Global Affairs Canada to summon the Russian ambassador,” he added.

The Russian tweets included an illustrative photo of a pride flag covered by a red line inside a red circle, indicating it was banned, and the following comments: “It’s about family. A family is a man and a woman and children.

An anti-LGBTQ social tweet from the Russian Embassy in Canada
An anti-LGBTQ social tweet from the Russian Embassy in Canada

The embassy also retaliated against the Canadian sports minister. Pascal St. OngeOpenly lesbian and questioned about “Russian homosexuality propaganda,” he is asked to “examine and explain how he appeared in this world.”

“We cannot tolerate this rhetoric Let alone the subsequent comments in Minister St-Onge’s response,” Williams said.

In an email sent to AFPSt-Onge he said “Deeply offended by the Russian ambassador’s anti-gay message while on Canadian soil,” which “goes against the hard-won rights of an entire community. LGBTQ2S+”.

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The minister has written to the embassy. “Russian homophobic propaganda is not welcome here” and “treatment of people LGBTQ2+ A in Russia Shame on you And an attack Human rights Basic”.

Russia has sought to portray LGBTQ relations as a product of dangerous Western influence, toughening its rhetoric as Moscow presses its military campaign in Ukraine.

Tweets from his embassy followed Deadly shooting at Colorado LGBTQ clubIn America, and the controversy over the rainbow logo Qatar World CupHomosexuality is illegal.

(With information from AFP)

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