Camilla Sodi hits the beach in a bold red swimsuit

Although he is not currently in the leading roles, Camila pair One of the spoiled actresses of the Mexican public, because the daughter-in-law Thalia She knows how to carve her path as an actress exceptionally.

For this reason, like other celebrities, he focuses on his social networks, where he is also aware of his followers (in Instagram reaching nearly 3 million). It is in these places that he shares snippets of his professional and personal life.

In his last post, you can see the former Diego the moon Happy and relaxed from the Yucatan coast, where he came to take a well-deserved vacation with his sister, Marina Sodi. In a series of photographs she is seen enjoying refreshing drinks and delicious food; However, he loved going into the sea to purify himself.

Camila Sodi is one of the spoiled actresses of the Mexican public (Photo: Instagram @_matriarca_)

Camilla Sodi flaunts her great body in her red swimsuit

Camila Sodi Although she has always done it with flair, she never misses an opportunity to show off her statuesque body. He is even remembered for posing naturally Yvonnesister Juliet you comeA famous photographer.

On this occasion, the sea of ​​the Yucatán beaches saw the model used by the actress to enjoy the sunny day with little wind: she wore a sensual red swimsuit that allowed her flat stomach to show. She came with a pair of cycling model sunglasses to protect her eyes.

Camilla Sodi can be seen with only part of her feet wet, but in another photo she appears to be sitting in a tub located at the entrance to her room. Likewise, he shared a bit of the view Mother Nature gave him and the song he got from the crashing waves.

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