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Mexico City.- After revealing that a Variation of Govit-19 It was the most aggressive and life-threatening film in South Africa, made almost 60 years ago “Omigron”, The name they gave to this new disease.

“Omigron” was filmed in Italy in 1963 and is going viral on social media as it is similar to the situation the world is currently experiencing., Some assure that it is a prophecy to be fulfilled.

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Although the story of the black-and-white film is very different from the virus, the rare “disease” that comes to a human being threatens world peace, and is currently causing a virus that has claimed the lives of thousands of people. In this world.

Scene from the movie “Omigron”, 1963.

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What is the movie “Omicron” about?

According to the portal “Premiere”, “Omigron” is an Italian comedy and science fiction film directed in the 1960s. Ugo Grigoretti And An alien invades the body of an Earth and tries to capture the planet.

An alien from Ultra captures Earth’s body to further understand humanity and Earth before the invasion begins. A science fiction film with a clear Marxist orientation that reflects political events from the perspective of being alien to our planet “, the summary explains.

Although we know that Covid-19 has nothing to do with extraterrestrials, or at least it has not yet been raised, some users associate the context of the film with a metaphor for the current situation.

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If this is why The virus has been compared to aliens that invade the human body Unlike conquering the world, it ends the lives of many of them, but survivors have a second chance to “reborn” and “conquer” the world.

Starred in the film Renato Salvadori And Rosemary Dexter, A British actress who made her debut in the world of cinema through this project, in addition to acting Gustavo D’Arbe, Guidano Guardarro, Mara Cari and Donte de Pinto.

Omigron was nominated for a Golden Lion Award., In version 24 “Venice International Film Festival”.

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