Camila Sodi rocks the network as she flaunts a red bikini in a complicated yoga pose

This year is coming to an end and to bid farewell to it, many celebrities are showing off their lavish vacations at the beach where they have not only flaunted their looks but also their charms. A very revealing look in a swimsuit with those who assume an impact figure. If only everyone had a vision a few hours ago Mariana Echeverria for posing in a two-piece swimsuitNow it was Camila Sodi WHO Surprise A show for his fans Beautiful red bikini

In the last days of 2022, the beautiful actress is enjoying not only the wonders of a sunny climate near the sea, but also relaxing days. Shapes her image. For close followers Camila Sodi They know that among their passions, apart from acting, sports also stand out, which was confirmed by showing this Thursday morning. Complex yoga postures.

“Morning Yoga”, The daughter-in-law wrote Thalia on your Instagram account when sharing a session Photographs In which he Handstand Yoga Pose and displays larger ones Flexibility his legs. While this was a surprise factor to many, his departure to train has drawn attention Classic leggings And instead a sports top net to disable a Red micro bikini With that he showed his image.

Camilla Sodi raises the temperature on Instagram. (Photo: IG @camilasodi_)

Swimwear stands out on its own Intense red color, but to maintain the classic style with a triangular shape at the top; A low waist allows a flat stomach and a steel stomach to become the main protagonists when in underwear. Thus, Camila Sodi She also flaunted a curvaceous figure and her fans did not hesitate to shower her with compliments.

“I can’t with this girl’s amazing body”, “get a big body”, “the most beautiful woman in Mexico”, “natural beauty”, “what a beautiful figure”, comments the hero of “Camino a Marte”. “He got for a section of his fans and some friends from the entertainment world.

The 36-year-old celebrity beat the network on this occasion Unleash your talent through yoga And his incredible flexibility even with a handstand, this isn’t the first time he’s flaunted his iconic figure Bikini Or in a full bathing suit. In fact, he was one of the most talked about celebrities last summer Wear the most beautiful and elegant swimwear of the season Red and white are the main characters in it.

From the pool, this is how he showed his resilience. (Photo: IG @camilasodi_)

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