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Field of science Forensic analysis You dazzles Almost everyone has the simple fact of knowing that through tests that use biochemistry, chemistry and biology, they can have a preference Discovering and solving evidence in the field of forensic science And Criminology. Thanks to all that has been watched in popular TV series and films. but, Beyond entertainmentForensic science plays a crucial role in… Solve the crime And the administration Justice.

Cambridge University It recognized the growing demand for education in this field and launched a training course open to the public focusing specifically on DNA analysis. This course will will serveWhether you are a fan or not, to understand how to use genetics Criminal investigation and progress That caused a revolution Sciences Forensic Medicine.

Curriculum outline:

1.-Introduction to Sharia sciences

  • Definition and importance
  • History and development
  • The role of DNA in criminal investigations

2.-Genetics and DNA

  • What is genetics?
  • What is DNA?
  • DNA structure
  • Basics of inheritance

3.-Applications of genetics in forensic sciences

  • DNA analysis techniques
  • Practical cases and case studies
  • Advances in genetics and its impact on forensic investigations

4.-Ethical issues in forensic genetics

  • The responsible use of genetics in criminal investigation
  • Privacy and individual rights
  • Ethical challenges and responsibilities

The main instructor of the course is Susan Gurneyexpert of university to Cambridge With extensive experience in forensic genetics. His experience and knowledge in The field guarantees high-quality and up-to-date education. Susan will direct students Through the wonderful world of forensic genetics, share Know betterCase studies and advanced techniques used in Criminal investigation.

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one of The most notable advantage of this course is its accessibility. It can be obtained for free, with an investment of approx 2 to 5 hours Weekly for five weeks. the students They can progress on their way king Rhythm, without time pressures, allowing a expertise to learn flexible And personality. without the banIf students wish Get a certificate that support their knowledge and skills in the field of forensic genetics, they have the option of obtaining it for a fee Valued at 4,983 pesos. If you do not pay, there is no problem, you are not completely obligated to do so and no operation in the course will be deducted, the latter will be completely free.

Forensic science is a constantly evolving field, and advances in genetics have changed the way it is They investigate And solve Crimes. This course is a unique opportunity for those interested in Genetics and Forensic Science to gain knowledge, skills and a deep understanding of how genetics is used in criminal investigation.

Course link: Register and access Forensic Science Course: DNA Analysis From the edX platform.

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