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In order to promote local talent, Madero coffee Presents bands, groups and soloists A space for them to introduce themselves in their artistic meetings.

That is why they were appointed Friday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm So that you can enjoy the sounds of the region.

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this coffee, Sponsored by DIF from Ciudad Madero, It aims to highlight new artistic talents, especially in music of its various types.

In this regard, the Director General of DIF, Amelia Pérez Rodriguez, confirmed that there is a lot of talent in the municipality, especially in music, on the instructions of the President, Ana Cristina Organista de Oseguera, in Café Madero. Every Friday there will be an opportunity for new talents to present performances To present their musical numbers.

There will be a live broadcast of the presentations of the bands and singers from Ciudad Madero

To give this event greater publicity, the singers’ attendance will be supported by live broadcasting on Madero Cafe official website in Facebook and Instagram.

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“The only requirement is that you be a soloist, or have a group, or a band, or even play an instrument, and above all, that you have the desire to put on a show that will let them know,” Amelia Perez added.

Cafe Madero, the new cafeteria in the Arbol Grande district

Those interested in scheduling their participation can do so By phone 31-64-833135 or go directly to Café Madero located on Calle 16 de Septiembre, In the Big Tree Colony from the neighboring town.

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It should be noted that among the events planned for the near future Afternoon karaoke. Standupros display. performances by artists with disabilities; Provide dance schools for children and live broadcasts of local programmes.

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Repeated by Amelia Perez Rodriguez Adhering to the DIF Madero system from Café Madero Continue to create spaces where, in addition to Enjoy local talent, The doors are opened to all of them, providing an opportunity for work and income that allows to improve the quality of life of all artists of different genres.

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